Matt and Arthur’s never ending foreplay  banter on”mine’s bigger than yours” 


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Doctor/Craig epic bromance

Hope you don’t mind me saying, Doctor, but you look ever so sweet, you and your partner and the baby.

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The Doctor got engaged for the first time

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#do you guys ever wonder if the doctor told rory the story about him and rose #he told him that story because he didn’t want rory to be jealous of amy and himself #so one day while amy was out getting breakfast for them the doctor sat rory down in the control room #and took his jacket off and just looked up at the console room #and started off with ‘You know rory you haven’t any need to be worried about Amy and Me’ #and slowly he told rory the story of rose and himself #and how he’d never quite recover from that shop girl from london without her grade a’s #he tells rory of each time he had to leave her and how strongly his love grew each time she was back #and how each time he was certain that he would tell her that he loved her because he was sure he really would #but he didn’t #and said ‘thats why I am able to love amy so much and tell her because she’s the first face this face seen and she’s seared into my hearts… #but for me she isn’t rose #she’s the best friend and sister that i had never gotten to have after the rest left #she is your Rose #she isn’t mine rory you neednt worry about our friendship #I would never take someones Rose away from them’ and he would do whatever he could to keep the two from ever separating #which is why in the asylum he worked so hard to bring them together because even amy knew that he would try #And then rory remembered this story long before the asylum and how it went about #how he turned to the doctor and said #”This isnt fair. Youre turning me into you” #And thats all it took for the Doctor to realize that yes #he really was #and it wasnt fair in the slightest #I HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS OKAY #RORY FEELINGS 

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i feel like these are my two reactions to watching doctor who


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Can I just stop for a second and talk about the amount of swagger Nine walks with? I mean, wow! Look at him walk up to the TARDIS console panel like a boss! 

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